Valentine’s Day- Album Club Blog

Hey all. I’ll be hosting an album club online on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). My husband is leaving to start a university degree the day before V-Day so I’m planning to host an album club both here in Jakarta (check with me for the venue) and here on my blog. I will start blogging from 3pm Jakarta time on V-Day and you can join in anytime. In advance you will need to listen to

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.

Picture by distortion-head rock

You might also like to find some links that you could share about the album on the blog.

Happy listening!

About Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong BMus./BEd. (Queensland University of Technology), Dip. ABRSM (Performance- Singing) I have trained to teach Music (Elementary, Middle and High School) and Drama (Middle and High School). This is my 7th year as a teacher.
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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day- Album Club Blog

  1. Dave Ritsema says:

    The album was released on June 1, 1967. Just three days later, Jimi Hendrix performed his now-famous cover version of the title track. Both Paul and George were in the audience. Paul was later quoted as saying that Jimi’s version was better than their own.

  2. Dave Ritsema says:

    I was checking out wikipedia for some easy answers to the science behind the vinyl LP, and I saw this inclusion.
    “The average LP has about 1,500 feet (460 m) of groove on each side, or about a third of a mile. The tangential needle speed relative to the disc surface is approximately one mile per hour, on average. It travels fastest on the outside edge, unlike audio CDs, which change their speed of rotation to provide constant linear velocity (CLV). (By contrast, CDs play from the inner radius outward, the reverse of phonograph records.) This allows the lock groove effect used by The Beatles on Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, on which the last track, “A Day in the Life”, runs into a continuous loop that will repeat as long as the record player is on.”
    An interesting advantage the LP had over the CD format. Never knew that.

  3. Hey Dave,

    I’ve put up a new blog entry about album club for everyone to find some more Sgt. Pepper’s links. Thanks for sharing your stuff about LPs. I’m so glad my parents still have an record player or I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the idea that track order is so important to the making of an album.


    PS. Really sad I missed The Sound of Music album club session! I hope you guys had a great time!

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