Your eyes and ears only

I just got back from a wonderful concert at Jakarta International school where I was impressed by the standard that The AMIS Asian Junior Honor Orchestra achieved, but was very unimpressed with the audience. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but your iPad, phone, camera and laptop have no place in a concert. Your eyes and ears are really all that you need.

In my mind there is an unspoken contract between an audience member and a performer. The performer puts all of their energy into entertaining, provoking or pleasing an audience and the audience member acknowledges the energy that the performer has poured into their craft through their own actions while watching the performance. There is no place for technical equipment in this equation because it only serves as a distraction for both the audience member and performer.

After a performance, in the quiet of my mind, I like to replay my favourite parts of a concert. I construct stories to share with my friends. I make links to other memories that have brought me the thrill of being in an audience where something special has just taken place. I hope I’m not the only one who prefers to experience the world this way.

About Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong BMus./BEd. (Queensland University of Technology), Dip. ABRSM (Performance- Singing) I have trained to teach Music (Elementary, Middle and High School) and Drama (Middle and High School). This is my 7th year as a teacher.
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