Album club theme night: Hidden Gems

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Tonight the members of album club have been invited to my place for the final club for this school year. I’m moving to Auckland in June and today the removalists came to pack up my things. My empty house will feel warmer for the company tonight.

We had talked about going out for a bit of karaoke or another member presenting an album, but this is the craziest part of the school year, so a theme seemed like the best plan.

So why “Hidden Gems”?

Some of the best moments in album club come at the end when people share the music that reminds them of the album they’ve just heard. Sometimes everyone knows the song, but every now and then someone plays a song that draws you in… Who is that?? The stories and music that unfolds from that question often makes my night, and tonight I’m keen to have my ears opened to music new or old that my friends are dying to play so that others can revel in its hidden magic.

I’m going to play two tracks, and I encourage you to share two of your own in the comments section.

The first is by the band Night Moves and the song is Headlights. The ‘grand high wizard’ of album club in Switzerland’s son is in this band, and I love this track. I also love the power of soundcloud in getting their song out there.

The second is by the band (please don’t cringe) Coldplay and is a B-Side off the Yellow single called “Help is Just Around the Corner”. The reason I chose this was it was a single I bought in university, and it was the song I played more than Yellow, and it was the one CD my husband and I had in common when we first started dating. Apparently he played it at an open mic night not long before we were together. Musically we are quite different, but I like that we had a song in common from the beginning.

Please add your Hidden Gems in the comments. You can even copy and paste a video URL from youtube and it will play. If there’s a story behind it I’d love to hear it.

About Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong BMus./BEd. (Queensland University of Technology), Dip. ABRSM (Performance- Singing) I have trained to teach Music (Elementary, Middle and High School) and Drama (Middle and High School). This is my 7th year as a teacher.
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4 Responses to Album club theme night: Hidden Gems

  1. Spidernikii says:

    What a great choice for a theme night. With so many great hidden gems to choose from it’s a really hard decision.
    However, that being said, and without spending too much time thinking about it, my choice for a hidden gem is Radiohead’s “True Love Waits”
    It always amazes me how many people who consider themselves Radiohead fans haven’t heard this track. While it hasn’t been released as a studio version they apparently did try recording it during the Kid A sessions.
    It is found on the “I might be wrong – live recordings” E.P. as the final track. I’ve often been told by people who haven’t heard it that the reason is they don’t listen to live recordings because the quality isn’t as good as a studio version and often that’s fair enough, but quite often those live recordings people don’t listen to have real moments of magic, spontaneity and honesty that studio recordings just can’t capture. This is one of those moments (in my opinion of course). Please enjoy.

  2. Follow us on twitter – #hiddengems

  3. Just been told that Album Club Switzerland are listening to Shihad’s The General Electric tonight. They’re a solid Kiwi band and one of the first groups I ever heard live. This is their song Pacifier.

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