What’s this blog about?

– music teaching ideas, philosophies, tools, resources.

-music to listen to and discuss.

– myself as a musician and teacher.

Who am I?

I am a music/ drama teacher who teaches internationally and was once an international student. I am also an aspiring lyric soprano, who dabbles in pop, jazz and rock singing for fun. I’ve lived in a bunch of different places and they have shaped who I am…

Tasmania (Australia), Papua New Guinea, South East Queensland (Australia), Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Indonesia, New Zealand and now Laos.

At the moment I’m teaching music at an international school in Vientiane, Laos. The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum across all grades.

I still have a lot to learn about music teaching, but I like to think that I’m making the world a more musical place every day. I like to be innovative in my job as a music teacher and go from where my students are. At the same time that they introduce me to new music, I show them the links to where it has come from and give them the tools to take their own music further.

You can find me on twitter- @alisonmusicblog

and my youtube channel is alisonsmusicblog

12 Responses to What’s this blog about?

  1. Steve Dillon says:

    Great to see u online Alison.

  2. This blog is incredible, with great insights. Keep up the great work!

    Mark Blasini

    • Thanks Mark for taking the time to look at my posts! Just checked out yours, but will look in more detail later. My insights come from too many questions about music and my impatience with it at the same time as my curiosity. I love that musical structures and ideas can blur the rational with the irrational.

      • I agree: you almost have to be crazy to create music that logical, progressive, and detailed. For me, to create true music is to do the impossible — to render audible that which cannot be heard. The raw material of life and experience. Thank you for your reply and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  3. fame1444 says:

    Alison! I’m so glad you found my blog and that I have now found yours! It’s awesome. I am so jealous that you can write a complete song in 5 minutes. Sometimes it has taken me YEARS to finish one! Lol! I’m looking forward to more posts!

    • Glad you like my blog – I’ve been reading through yours too! And the songwriting thing, trust me, it was very random that this song came to me. I’ve been trying to write for two weeks, but the trying has been interesting. I now have 20 minutes of short ideas recorded onto my computer.

      • fame1444 says:

        sometimes I refuse to even sit at the piano because everytime I do a song begins. Unfortunately it rarely comes all at once. Sometimes I have 5 or more songs going at once. I like your goal setting in public. Let’s see if I can work up the nerve to make mine public as well and get these songs finished! Looking forward to. I briefly listened to up to you. It’s beautiful and your voice is definitely nice. I’m going to build in a dedicated time in the next few days for a more thorough listen.

  4. jmanfredi says:

    Just wanted to leave you a little note to let you know that I have given you the “One Lovely Blog Award” and the “Sunshine Award” for having such an awesome blog! Check out the details here:


    Thanks for having such a great blog! =)


  5. Ryan Dale says:

    Hi Alison,

    To start with, your blog is great! 😀

    I have been an avid follower for a few months now and I just wanted to inquire about your transcription of the song “Some Nights” by Fun.
    I am part of a university Choral Society at La Trobe University, Melbourne and whilst i was discussing your blog with the group and many of the members expressed an interest in performing this song. I was just wondering if it could be posible to obtain the original file type (Depending on what program you used i.e. Finale, Sibelius etc) so that i may be able to make it more accesible for a SATB ensemble and perhaps condense it somewhat (16 pages is quite alot :P).

    I look forward to your reply
    Ryan Dale

    • Hi Dale, thanks for following me! As I’ve mentioned before, in moving country I lost a lot of files. A bunch of people have asked me for the midi version of the piece, and I no longer have it, equally I no longer have the Sibelius file of the piece. The best thing I can suggest is typing my transcription into Sibelius or Finale for yourself, or getting someone who’s a quick music typist to do it for you. Then you should be able to export the music as midi or adjust the font and page size as you need it. I’m currently doing something similar with Saint-Saens original score for ‘Aquarium’ so that I can create an arrangement for the instruments in my classroom. The typing has taken me about an hour- mostly it’s using copy and paste of large sections. All the best. Alison.

  6. Axel Rodericks says:

    May i suggest that if you are using Sibelius …then all you need to do is scan a printed copy of the music with Photoscore …it will convert the same in a jiffy.

  7. LJ Boville says:

    Hi Alison,
    Found your blog last week and I have really enjoyed “getting to know” your musical self. I too am a music teacher, although I live and teach in Canada. I find myself loving and agreeing with your educational philosophies and wanting to use all your ideas! Anyways, this brings me to a question, your version of FIX YOU, you said that you had the files in single voicings? I would like to do the piece with my choir and schools Jazz band, if possible could we use your arrangement and single voice files?
    Thanks so much, keep up the blogging (and arranging 🙂 )

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